Compmonks is short for The Computational Monkeys, an alias and digital brand created by Pierre Cutellic in 2012 to convey both individual and collaborative artworks. It stands as a generational statement on technology and a fascination for what makes us humans in the 21st century.


    Approaching art from a non-disciplinary perspective, Pierre Cutellic is an architect and researcher based in Zürich. Through his dedication to pursuits both scientific and artistic, Pierre strives to create works that aim to capture the eye and grip the mind.


While studying human neural processes related to visual perception, cognition and artificial intelligence, Pierre looks below the surface of what we call modelling and design, to explore the core elements of visual-thinking. Grounding that purpose, Pierre was awarded in 2016 a fully-funded scholarship from the ETH A&T Doctoral Programme of Excellence. Since then on, he is Ph.D. Fellow at the Chair of Digital Architectonics, within the Institute of Technology in Architecture of ETH Zürich.


Throughout his education, Pierre received an extensive polymath training in science and humanities. Shortly after graduating summa cum laude in Architecture from E.N.S.A.Paris-Malaquais in 2007, Pierre initiated his career by balancing between project consulting, and teaching on the new critical horizon offered by digital technologies. In 2008, he joined the innovative company Gehry Technologies to work on large-scale cultural projects and alongside international design and construction firms. In 2010, Pierre was appointed Adjunct-Assistant Professor at the Digital Knowledge department of ENSA Paris-Malaquais, which he contributed to found. Prior to joining ETH, he was a Lecturer at the Laboratory of Numeric Cultures for Architectural Projects at EPF Lausanne.


With this rich background, Pierre developped a peculiar perspective to create works of art that touch both the roots of scientific understanding and the horizon of discovery. His work has been published and exhibited throughout Europe since 2010.


Among his most recent appearances, are the collective exhibitions 'Error' of Ars Electronica Festival (Linz 2018), 'Neurons' of Centre Pompidou (Paris 2020), 'Digital Wild' of Trondheim Kunst Museum (Trondheim 2020), and the duo show 'Bits, Bots, Brains' of Tetem Kunstruimte (Enschede 2018).

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   Zürich-based architect and researcher, born in the early 80’s, I define my architectural practice by articulating artistic problems and scientific questions first, instead of anchoring it into buildings as a starting point. This position allows to balance between conceptual and technical approaches, and, rather often, takes the form of design objects series and installations, as well as the technological means and models necessary to perform. Born and educated in France at the end of the 20th century, an early and intensive first career in consulting for a wide range of international design and construction firms led me to the conclusion that architecture, at this time, would be better refocusing on how information and communication technologies can reappraise the foundational idea of putting many different things together in a meaningful way.


Or briefly put as a question: How can architecture make sense of the world after the digital?


With an understanding of vision as a technology, my work is mainly grounded in computer science, cognitive science, philosophy, architecture and visual arts. It generally takes the shape, or becomes the result, of interfaces and interactions between mixed models of human and machine intelligences to emulate meaning visually and explore the possibilities of creating new values throughout the modulation of pictures, generation of shapes, aggregation of parts and the delineation of spaces.


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Name  Pierre  Cutellic

Name  Compmonks

Name  Pierre  Cutellic , Compmonks

Born in  1982 , FR

Born in  2012 , The Grid

Based in  Zürich, CH

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Arch. DPLG (M.Arch) 2007  Summa Cum Laude
  ENSAPM , Paris  (FR)

  Topic: More Is Different: Morphogenetic Design & Production Strategies
  Specialty: Computational Design



Adjunct-Assistant Professor 2010 - 2015  
  ENSAPM, Digital Knowledge , Paris  (FR)

  Programs: Studios, Workshops, Symposia, Seminars, Theses
  Specialty: Computational Design & Fabrication

Lecturer 2014 - 2016  
  CNPA EPFL , Lausanne  (CH)

  Programs: Studios, Seminars
  Specialty: Algorithmics, Computational Design & Fabrication

Fourier's Demon 2020 - 2024  ongoing research
  Proto Categorical Spaces

Phosphenes 2020 - 2021  ongoing research
  Speechless Massing of Grammars

Stargazer 2019 - 2021  in production
  Modelling From Neural Potentials

Narcissus 2019 - 2021  in production
  Assemblies of The Self

Proteus 2018 - 2021  ongoing research
  Modulating & Simulating Matter With Mixed Intelligences

Frontdesk 2016  completed
  Rod-Bended Furniture For a Gallery

Hilbertonians 2014 - 2021  in production
  Space Filling Furnitures

Les Colchiques 2014  completed
  Shape Generation Through Neural Patterns

The Grills 2013 - 2021  in production
  Reciprocal Daybeds

Normalons 2013 - 2021  in production
  Reciprocal Daybeds

Le Cube d'Après 2013  completed
  Non-Linear Neural Selection of Pseudo-Cubes

The Great Decimation 2011  completed
  Stepped Topological Decimation Series for Organic-To-Geometric Figuration

More Is Different 2007  completed
  Generative Design

Neurones, Les Intelligences Simulées 2020  group exhibition
  CNAM Centre Pompidou Museum, Paris (FR)

Digital Wild 2020  group exhibition
  Trondheim Kunst Museum, Trondheim (NO)

Lab30 2019  group exhibition
  New Media Festival, Augsburg (DE)

Error 2018  group exhibition
  Ars Electronica festival, Linz (AT)

Bits, Bots, Brains 2018  duo exhibition
  Tetem Kunststruimte, Enschede (NL)

Creative Robotics 2017  group exhibition
  Ars Electronica Center, Linz (AT)

Minimax, Integrating The White Cube 2014  group exhibition
  Gallery Lebenson, Paris (FR)